This is Howard

Howard Howard Howard

Howard is a Shuttle XPC Zen model ST62K. We bought it as a barebones a few years ago, and put an Intel Pentium 4, 2.80 Ghz in it.

We used Howard to control our AV devices. Howard was hooked up to our 400 disk DVD Jukebox, our Tivo DVR, and our TV. Howard has now retired, and he is only being used to browse the Internet, and to author this website.

Howard Revived

Howard lasted for about 7 years. Then he suddenly went dead, and I determined that it was the motherboard. It seemed like it was time to revive Howard, and update the processor in the process.

The new Howard. Including a new blowhole on the side.

Howard with a blowhole

Howard's size compared to a ginger ale.

Howard and a ginger ale

I had to cut a new hole for the PSU, and a larger hole for the backpanel. I didn't have room for a rear case fan. But, I made up for it with the 120mm blowhole on the side.

Back of Howard

I mounted a 250W PSU that I bought from Jameco for $20.


I installed a ZOTAC nForce 610i-ITX motherboard that I found for $50.

You can see ZOTAC through the fan

This Scythe fan moves a lot of air, quietly.

Scythe Fan

On the other side, you can see the hard drive, and the CPU heatsink.

HD and CPU heatsink

I used the original HD mount for a 320G drive.

Original HD mount

I replaced the original heatsink fan with a slim fan.

Heatsink and slim fan

I modded the 120mm fan by cutting off the 2 bottom corners. This motherboard has a PCI Express x1 expansion slot. With the fan here, I'll never be able to use the expansion slot. But, I really couldn't find anything of value to fit in a PCI Express x1 slot anyway.

Scythe Fan

Another shot of the back.

Howard's back